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CENTS Research Questions

CENTS will fund high risk, multidisciplinary, excellent research which will form the backbone of the Network.

5 Research Strands

The network initially focused the following 5 Research Strands:

Material stocks and flows in transportation

Research into materials (eg. industrial/technology metals, plastics, glass etc.)

Whole life design

Research encompassing End-of-Life recycling, reuse and recovery processes

Circular Economy Decisions

Research to understand and strategise social, economic, political, financial and logistical barriers to make improved Circular Economy decisions

Circular Economy Transitions

Research to enhance the delivery of Circular Economy at a sector level, using coordinated action by separate economic and civil entities

Digital Circularity

Research on the potential roles of data in the Circular Economy (eg. Big Data, Blockchain technologies connecting transport supply chains, building trust and facilitating data exchange.)

Additional Research Questions

As a network for the research community, CENTS is keen to hear from its members and to adapt to new challenges.

Additional research challenges from industry, academia and policy have been co-created via a survey and series of roadmapping workshops: