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Explore the CENTS Rich Picture

The CENTS network vision is to build a community that focusses on the informed design and utilisation of more environmentally friendly, renewable and/or recyclable materials within transport systems and delivers novel and effective end-of-life recycling, re-use and recovery options.

In support of this mission the network held a series of surveys and workshops where the roadmap to move from the current state to the future vision of a circular economy for transport systems was considered.

Our roadmapping identified the characteristics of both the current and the future state for how materials are used in transport systems, and the key transitional activities necessary to move between the two.

Within the workshop four themes were considered: material requirements, circular economy, social trends and supply chain.

The key messages are summarised below and captured within a ‘rich picture’.

The CENTS Rich Picture is a 'living' document, to be updated and refined as required. We welcome any feedback to improve it.

Please send any comments to

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