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Circular Economy Network+ in Transportation Systems

Circular Economy Network+ in Transportation Systems

EPSRC-funded Research Network for the Sustainable Transport Community

Fostering collaboration across diverse sectors such as Raw Material Production, Manufacturing, Materials Use and Design, Supply Chain, Human Factors, Business, and Commerce.

We're actively forming innovative, multidisciplinary teams to take on the fundamental challenges of transitioning to a Circular Economy for Sustainable Transport.

About Us

CENTS is an EPSRC-funded, multidisciplinary research network for the sustainable transport community. Collaborating with Circular Economy practitioners from diverse backgrounds, we are dedicated to fostering collaboration and driving innovation to develop interventions and solutions that advance transportation sustainability.

CENTS Showcase and Celebration event - November 16th 2023

Join us for our end-of-project showcase event. The event will feature keynotes from leading thought leaders, opportunities for networking, and insights into the future scenarios of the Circular Economy, as well as what lies ahead for the network.

Our Activities

Explore the research, discussions, insights, and connections that have contributed to shaping the CENTS Network


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Join the Network

Join our network if you have a professional interest in utilising the latest research to embed Circular Economy Principles in transportation systems.