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Please find below personal stories around medicating sleep and wakefulness from some of our research participants:

1. NAOMI takes Modafinil and Xyrem to manage NARCOLEPSY

2. GARY was glad that he was not prescribed medication to treat SLEEP APNOEA

3. MARTIN has been taking sleeping pills for INSOMNIA for the past 15 years

4. MARY is 84 and lives in a RETIREMENT HOME. She used to take Temazepam but her GP stopped her repeat prescription

5. SABINA is a PARENT of two YOUNG CHILDREN. She can see why others in her situation might turn to alertness promoting medication.

6. NEIL is a STUDENT. He has tried lots of different ways of managing his sleep, wakefulness and alertness levels.

7. AMY is an AMBULANCE TECHNICIAN. She has taken diazepam in the past for sleep problems.

8. NICK is a senior ACADEMIC. He suffers from insomnia but does not want to take sleeping pills.