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Conference Papers

'De-pharmaceuticalisaing Sleep?' Patient and professional views on prescription hypnotics in the UK' Jonathan Gabe, Simon Williams, Catherine Coveney. Paper presented at the ISA session on Sleep, Health and Society, Japan, July 2014.

Exploring patient and professional views around the prescription of hypnotics in UK primary care. Catherine Coveney, Jonathan Gabe, Simon Williams. Paper presented at BSA Annual Conference, Leeds, 23rd – 25th April 2014.

Prescriptions and Proscriptions: Moralising Sleeping Pills. Jonathan Gabe, Catherine Coveney, Simon Williams. Paper presented at BSA Medical Sociology Annual Conference, York, 11th- 13th September 2013.

Cognitive Enhancement, Sleep and Drugs. Catherine Coveney, Jonathan Gabe and Simon Williams, Paper presented at the BSA Annual Conference, London, 3-5th April 2013.

The De-Pharmaceuticalisation of sleep? Prescription hypnotics in the news. Jonathan Gabe, Catherine Coveney, Simon Williams, John Abraham. Paper presented at BSA Medical Sociology Annual Conference, Leicester, 5th- 7th September 2012.

Boosting Brainpower? From the Medicalisation of Cognition to the Pharmaceuticalisation of Routine Mental Health. Jonathan Gabe, Catherine Coveney, Simon Williams. Paper presented at ASA Annual Meeting, Denver, Colorado. 17- 20th August 2012.

Public Lectures and Events

Sleep, drugs and 24 hour living”, public lecture held at the British Science Festival in Birmingham, Social Sciences Presidential Session, on 8th September 2014.

"Sleep, Medicines and Society" - a one-day public event to discuss and debate our research findings.

Media Coverage

Catherine Coveney was interviewed by Live Science magazine for their article "What if we didn't need sleep?" Published on 5th Nov 2014.

Our research was reported in The Financial Times, article “Pharmacology: sleeping pills – dream or nightmare?” By Clive Cookson and Tyler Shendruk, published on 19th September 2014.

Catherine Coveney was interviewed by Prof. Laurie Taylor for BBC Radio 4’s “Thinking Aloud” programme about her work on managing sleep and wakefulness in a 24 hour world on 21st May 2014.

'Ideas for modern living: Napping', article by Simon Williams, published in the Observer, 10th April 2011.

Simon Williams was interviewed by Prof. Laurie Taylor for BBC Radio 4's "Thinking Aloud" programme about his work on the "Politics of Sleep", 22nd June 2011.