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Warwick UK Cities of Culture Project

The AHRC-commissioned Warwick UK Cities of Culture Project is led by the University of Warwick and highlights the importance of universities and of research in the DCMS UK City of Culture Programme: from the bidding process for the title, through to delivery, evaluation, and legacy of the programme. The project has a particular focus on increasing the use of arts, humanities, and social science research to match the scale of opportunity for evidence-based learning afforded by the DCMS UK City of Culture Programme. The project is committed to sharing insights and data that can benefit and inform the UK City of Culture Programme and other place-based cultural investments, mega-events, and initiatives.

Towards a Research-Informed Approach: Review

This review presents the case for a research-informed UK City of Culture programme.

The Future Trends Series

This series of papers discusses ways of thinking about the value of culture and the importance of research in understanding the place of culture and its impact.