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"At the heart of our university lies the imperative to search for answers to the world’s most complex questions, and to share the knowledge we gain to build a better world for everyone. We believe it’s up to us to continue pointing the way ahead: to be bold in exploring, creating, curating, sharing and applying new knowledge in the world.

The excellence and originality of our work, and dedication of our researchers, is what defines us, and we’re proud of what we collectively achieve. Our research is made possible by the brilliance of our PhD students, researchers, technicians, and academics– the foundation of our research community.

Whilst the future can feel uncertain, the excellent research undertaken at Warwick enables us all to see clearly over the horizon."

Professor Caroline Meyer, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research).


Meet some of our researchers and learn about the important work they're undertaking across a range of areas...

Dr Andrew Anzel from Warwick Business School talks about his research into the importance and social impact of arts and culture in the UK.

Professor Quassim Cassam (Department of Philosophy) discusses his research into extremism and how he takes a philosophical approach to help understand major world issues.

Dr Olga Castro (School of Modern Languages) discusses her research in translation in the global feminist movement, including women writers in translation.

Professor John Walsh (School of Life Sciences) discusses his research into how viruses interact with agricultural crops, and improving crop resistance without pesticides.

Professor Siobhan Quenby from Warwick Medical School, talks about her medical research into miscarriage causes, support and treatments.

Professor Helen Wheatley (School of Creative Arts, Performance & Visual Cultures) discusses her television history research, and how programmes made in and about Coventry capture the life of the city.

Sociology's Professor Khursheed Wadia conducts research to support and encourage political participation and civic engagement from women from minority backgrounds.

WMG’s Professor Kerry Kirwan discusses his innovative research into sustainable materials can help turn one man’s trash into another man’s treasure.

Reshape, Refresh, Renew

As the landscape continues to evolve, it's an ideal time to reshape, refresh and renew our "Excellence with Purpose" 2030 strategy. This renewed vision will not only elevate our future goals, it will also reaffirm our commitment to making a positive, lasting impact for years to come. Here we will review our achievements and commit ourselves to a series of goals.

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