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Previous walks: Summer 2005 (evenings)

Archive of previous Evening Walks during the summer of 2005:
  • 27th April - Stoneleigh - 3 miles - a super spring evening.  Stoneleigh church seen across open meadows in the evening sun, open countryside, ancient bridges and just enough walking to relax after a day in University House.  Join staff walkers and you too will be inspired to write florid prose about the English countryside!
  • 11th May - A Bluebell Walk - Ryton pools country park, 3 miles.  Three of us set off on another sunny (if cool) evening to explore the Ryton Woods.  What a treat!  Sharing the country park with a few dog-walkers, a bold Woodpecker and dozens of rabbits re-enacting some of the more exciting scenes from Watershipdown.  Then wandering among the huge swathes of late bluebells and (thanks to leaflet kindly supplied) becoming experts in the ancient art of coppicing.
  • 25th May - Milestones and archaeology - an interesting walk around our local landscape - a pleasant summer evening with lots to look at and talk about.
  • 8th June - Baddesley Clinton - Three of us set out for 6 mile walk from Wroxall taking in meadows, woods and the church at Baddersly Clinton - wondering again at the Pirate's gravestone, complete with skull and crossbones, in one of the most landlocked parishes in England...  Fields of lively young bullocks a bit alarming for this urban person, but we walked bravely past them all.
  • 13 July  - Berkeswell, 4.5 miles -  Two of us finally walked the Berkeswell circular walk, on a hot summer evening when most of you were probably sitting in the shade somewhere with a long cool drink!  You missed a really pleasant hot weather walk... no hills to climb, wide views and stretches of the walk in shady woodland, a perfect antidote to the dozey inertia that takes over when the temperature rises.