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The Journal of Indo-Caribbean Studies takes as its central concern the history and culture of people of Indian origin in the Caribbean and other areas of the diaspora. The circumstances of Indians’ scattered presence around the globe, both through 19th century indentured labour and later migrations, point to the convergence of many critical postcolonial discourses, including those relating to dislocation, transculturation, and neo-colonialism. Acknowledging that the complexity of such discourses is best served by multiple theoretical perspectives, the journal supports interdisciplinary engagement and promotes work across a wide range of topic areas.

JICS addresses the absence of a specialist medium for the exchange of ideas on the subject of Indo-Caribbean studies. As the signature publication of the Indo-Caribbean Studies Association, it aims to provide an intellectual platform for research, and to expand the scope of academic work in the field.

Submissions are invited on original and previously unpublished research.