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The audience for innovative undergraduate research is currently very limited. Most undergraduate writing is never seen by more than two pairs of eyes: those of essay markers. We rarely have the chance to engage with one another’s ideas, research and methodological approaches outside of seminars — or, rarer still, the chance to develop our own initial thoughts further because of time constraints, restrictive word counts and assessment objectives specific to individual courses. The journal offers an intellectual forum for all undergraduates to engage with and pose questions that affect the wider academic community.

is seeking submissions of articles written by undergraduates of approximately 2,500 to 6,000 words. Contributions are encouraged in a variety of forms, but should generally adhere to MLA style conventions and be previously unpublished.

Submissions should be made as email attachments to with the author’s name in the email but not on the attachment. Please contact the journal address with any queries. We look forward to your work!