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PhD students

Current doctoral students

Leo Bazzurro, 'Poetics of Assemblage: The Experimental Poetry of Juan Luis Martínez' (supervisors: Daniel Katz and Miguel de Beistegui)

Mantra Mukim, 'Lyric Failure: Samuel Beckett and the Poetic Form' (supervisor: Daniel Katz)

Sihwa Mun, 'Re-thinking Vegetal Life in Romantic Poetry' (supervisor: Emma Mason)

Ian Tan, 'Poetry as appropriative proximity: Wallace Stevens, Martin Heidegger and the language of Being' (supervisor: Daniel Katz)


2018: Tania Ganitsky, 'Unworking Poetics: A Dialogue Between Emily Dickinson, Paul Celan, Maurice Blanchot, and Jean-Luc Nancy' (supervisors: Daniel Katz and Miguel de Beistegui)

2017: Matthew Rumbold, 'Epic Relation: The Sacred, History, and Late Modernist Aesthetics in Hart Crane, David Jones, and Derek Walcott' (supervisor: Emma Mason)

2017: Joseph Shafer, 'Resistances in Bodily Form: Post-1945 American Poetry and D. H. Lawrence' (supervisor: Daniel Katz)

2016: Jack McGowan, 'Slam the Book: The role of performance in contemporary UK poetry' (supervisor: Emma Mason)

2016: George Ttoouli, 'Twentieth Century US Ecopoetics and Serial Poetic Form' (supervisor: Nick Lawrence)

2015: Joanna Rzepa, 'Literary and Theological Modernisms: Rainer Maria Rilke, T. S. Eliot, and Józef Wittlin' (supervisor: Emma Mason)

2014: Sophie Rudland, 'Faith, Feeling and Gender in the Writing of Hartley, Wollstonecraft and Blake' (supervisor: Emma Mason)

2007: Zoe Brigley, 'Exile and Ecology: the Poetic Practice of Gwyneth Lewis, Pascale Petit and Deryn Rees-Jones' (supervisor: Emma Mason)