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Poetry at Warwick



Ecopoetics at Warwick

Beyond nature writing, ecopoetics ranges from the making and study of pastoral and wilderness poetry to the intersection of poetry and animal studies, or from the poetics of urban environments to poets' responses to disasters and matters of environmental justice.

Bloomsbury Studies in Critical Poetics

Bloomsbury Studies in Critical Poetics, which seeks to publish the best contemporary scholarship on poetry from across the world, is edited by Professor Dan Katz. More details on the series website.


Poetry and Philosophy Reading Group 2019–2020

Mantra Mukim, Ruby Turok-Squire, and Leo Bazzurro are the convenors of a new Poetry and Philosophy reading group. All welcome!

Poetry and Philosophy: New Conversations, 16–17 March 2020

A BSA Synergy conference organised by Eileen John and Karen Simecek. Poets, philosophers, philosopher-poets, poet-philosophers, and poetry scholars will bring their expertise and experience to the conversation. The following broad questions are prompts for the conference: What is the role of the poet in the poem? Is poetry a truth-telling practice? Is poetry distinctive in its ability to evoke, not just what can be thought, but what it is like to think? More details including online registration here.