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Three Doctors: Audience Response

3doctors4b.jpg“Sensitive, moving and gently amusing. A fitting tribute to a place full of ghosts – good and bad. Thank you.”

“Excellent presentation. Hilarious at times, and nostalgic. The cast were without exception professional. If only it could be on for longer!”

“Enjoyable and informative. Good mix of physical setting (building) and human stories.”  

“Very interesting and entertaining. Many happy memories renewed. The people who entertained us were just wonderful. So sorry the C and W is not staying, especially for the inconvenience. Words cannot express how I felt.”

“A fitting farewell! Great stuff.”

“Funny and then very moving – I’d not been a patient here but I still felt moved by its closing, and the stories.”

“Excellent, a wonderful finish to a memorable visit.”

“Well done. Good fun – clearly accessible in subject matter. You struck a nice tone.”

“Moving. Fascinating. An empty space, but so full of memories. Great to be allowed in. Loved the music at the end.”

“I’m so glad something was done to mark the sad closure of this hospital where I have worked for many years. The performance must surely be one of the most unusual things to happen here and I won’t forget it. Thank you for your efforts.”

“A really excellent performance – a very strong leading role from the porter showing everyone around. I’m really glad that I came to see it – despite the reasons for being here previously, it was a very nostalgic tour! Thanks to all.”

“Absolutely superb. Funny, witty, touching. Perfect.”

“Fascinating, moving. I fell privileged to see something quite private yet it was public. However, feel like I need a quick scrub down!”

“Really well thought out and researched. Loved the mix of emotions and serious/humourous combinations. An enjoyable and worthwhile experience which successfully moved many of the ex employees to tears.”

3doctors11.jpg“Really brought the hospital to life! There were a lot people here who have a lot of history with the hospital and it seemed to effect them strongly.”

“Excellent! Thoroughly enjoyed the quirky tour – never quite knowing what was around the next corner! Thought the musical ending was lovely – brought a tear to the eye and a lump to the throat – maybe I need to see a doctor!”  

“Speechless! Very moving, potent, relevant piece of work beautifully performed. Gorgeous music. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

“I thought the performance was outstanding in evoking the history of the hospital and its place in the local community.”

“The play was beautiful, a fitting tribute to a much deserved building – Coventry and Warwickshire Hospital will be greatly missed! 23 years of proud service I gave.”

“An excellent production, very evocative, it captured the spirit of the place and time exactly – great ending, I really enjoyed it.”

“What a wonderful ending – so moving. I spent loads of time here as a child as Mum worked here and was always on call, and invariably had to come with her. You have done a wonderful job and it’s a shame it couldn’t run for a week or so. A really good job, congratulations.”


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