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Violet ray machine


Popular in the 1900s, the violet ray machine was an alternative form of medical treatment that transformed ordinary household electricity into a high voltage, high frequency but extremely low ampage electrical energy output. The device also emitted a small amount of ultraviolet light at the point of spark. When applied to different parts of the body, the resultant surge of blood to oxygen-starved tissues stimulated lymphatic and capillary circulation, clearing cellular toxins and strengthening body organs. As such, it was claimed to be able to cure a number of medical problems from arthritis to catarrh, gout to female hysteria. The object consists of a number of glass tubes (often referred to as rakes), containing a noble gas that would react with the introduction of an electrical input. The most popular of these gases was argon, which glowed a brilliant purple. The procedure could last between one minute and half an hour.

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