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As part of the History & Policy network, this Forum seeks to bring together historians with policy-makers, practitioners and researchers into parenting in order to examine ways in which the history of parenting can influence policies and practice today.

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Latest Entry: Encouraging innovation isn't innovative: Research and looked-after children in the post-war period, May 2017

Proposals to promote innovation, which were included in the Children and Social Work Bill (2017), are part of a post-war tradition of encouraging research-based best practice. Material collected as part of this research can help us to reflect on how to improve services, as well as the chance to review the extent to which political rhetoric is realized in practice. Significantly, these opportunities allow us to encourage innovation in ways that do not depend on suspending current safeguards to protect children’s well-being, a suggestion that was recently debated in Parliament.

The Bill, which was first introduced in the House of Lords in May 2016, aims to improve support for looked-after and previously looked-after children; ...


Parenting and the Law

Centre for Gender History Public Engagement Workshop

University of Glasgow, 22 May 2017

This one-day workshop at the Glasgow Women's Library will explore the allocation of parental rights and responsibilities, past and present. Academics, voluntary groups, women's rights campaigners, and legal practitioners will together explore the ways in which family law (in theory and/or practice) might either redress gender inequality or contribute to it.

For more information, contact: or the Workshop Organisers: Rebecca Mason and Hannah Telling

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Events and debate in the history of parenting:

Virtual Gallery: 'Born in the NHS', Peoples History of the NHS.
Conference: 'The Life and Death of Children in the Past', Society for the Study of Childhood in the Past, 10th International Conference, 6-7th November 2017, Mexico City.
Podcast: Institute of Child and Youth Studies podcast, University of Lethbridge.
Virtual Archive: Collections Archive, Victoria and Albert Museum of Childhood.
Parliamentary Inquiry: Health Select Committee, Childhood Obesity.

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