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Witness Seminar Feedback

We asked Witnesses to reflect on their experiences of the Witness Seminar format:

Tony Whitehead wrote this: 'I must say how much I enjoyed the Witness Seminar. I haven't been involved in anything like that for years. I am not an academic so it is a fresh experience to be talking to such motivated students. There were elements of a reunion for me. The Warwick event was very rewarding as I was hearing new things and testing my ideas. For years I have not wanted to think very deeply about the epidemic because of the personal memories and pain that evokes. In the Warwick setting I felt able to revisit the past and I am grateful for that.'

Michael Bochow told us that the format was 'more informal and easy going; this was very positive'.

Lucia O'Sullivan told us that while she said worked closely with many important activists in the US, 'it was very exciting to meet the UK activists'. The format was 'more dynamic', which provided a 'great opportunity for discussion', combining 'personal experiences and historical perspective'. The event 'shifted my view of AIDS activism as a US phenomenon to a Western phenomenon'.

Jason Crawford said that the experience 'was a refreshing departure from traditional academic seminars in which I have partaken. I felt very welcomed, free to speak from my own experience; my testimony was respected, and I absolutely adored my time with the students during the video sessions. 'He also said that he 'appreciated the nuanced perspective one gets when listening to activists giving their own version of "official" histories'.