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Department of History Bookcase

History Virtual Bookcase

The Supernatural in Early Modern Scotland

Edited by Julian Goodare & Martha McGill

December 2020

Race and Riots in Thatcher's Britain

Simon Peplow

November 2020

Empire and Mobility in the Long Nineteenth Century

Edited by David Lambert & Peter Merriman

June 2020


Edited by Johannes Knolle & James Poskett

June 2020

The City of Blue and White

Anne Gerritsen

February 2020

Interpreting Early Modern Europe

Edited by C. Scott Dixon & Beat Kümin

September 2019

Motherhood, Childlessness and the Care of Children in Atlantic Slave Societies

Edited by Camillia Cowling, Diana Paton, Maria Machado & Emily West

September 2019

Beyond the Barricades

Anna Ross

January 2019

Vaccinating Britain

Gareth Millward

January 2019

Gems in the Early Modern World: Materials, Knowledge and Global Trade, 1450 -1800

Edited by Michael Bycroft & Sven Dupré

November 2018