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Podcasting Goethe

Podcasting Goethe

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in Campagna, Italy
Listen to Goethe's early poetry read by Christian Wewerka

These recordings are designed to enhance your study – and enjoyment! – of Goethe’s early poetry. The poems we have recorded represent a selection of works spanning the period from roughly 1771 up to Goethe’s departure for Italy in the autumn of 1786. The Goethezeitportal at Munich's Ludwig-Maximilian-University has an excellent timeline where you can find out more about Goethe's life and works.

To help you through the poems we have provided a set of English translations; these are of varying quality and are included as a guide only. We have only used translations where we believe there to be no issues of copyright; but if you feel that this is not the case we would be pleased to hear from you.

The poems were recorded over a period of two days at the University of Warwick, and were funded by a grant from the university’s Educational Innovation Fund. Dr Seán Allan of the University of Warwick was the project leader, and the Berlin-based actor Christian Wewerka performed the readings. We are very happy for you – or your institution – to link to our site if you wish to do so; and we are always pleased to receive (constructive!) criticism.