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Learning and Teaching Showcase Programme

Programme for the 2017 Warwick Learning and Teaching Showcase.

Time Session details

Registration (with refreshments)


Showcase opening and welcome

Professor Christopher Hughes, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education)


Warwick Awards for Teaching Excellence and Warwick Awards for Teaching Excellence for Postgraduates who Teach

Announcement of the 2017 Winners and Commendees



11:30-12:15 Sessions (1): Workshops

Session 1A

Core Components of Communication and Collaboration: Introducing a Digital Resource for Supporting Multicultural Student Teams

Elke Thonnes, Sophie Reissner-Roubicek, Xiaozhe Cai, Thomas Greenaway

Session 1B

Mainstreaming Employability Skills Through Communities of Praxis: Policy Pitching for Global Sustainable Development

Alastair Smith, Ninna Makrinov, Debbie Smith, Nathalie Dalton-King

Session 1C

Community Engagement in Troubled Times: Learning and Teaching at a 'Remain' University in a 'Leave' City

Anil Awesti


Poster session and Lunch

13:45-14:30 Sessions (2)

Session 2A

Students Set the Syllabus: Reflections on the First Year of a Student-Led Module

Stephen Purcell


Google Plus Communities

Joerg Seifert, Christian Jennerich, Sam Armstrong

Session 2B

History in Practice Project: Student-Community Engagement in Curriculum Design

Meleisa Ono-George, Thanh Sinden


Developing Community Networks for Public Legal Education

Tara Mulqueen

Session 2C

I-PEEL: The International Political Economy of Everyday Life

Lena Rethel, James Brassett, Juanita Elias, Ben Richardson


Using Social Networking Insight to Create Academic Content

Tomi Oladepo

14:30-14:35 Break
14:35-15:20 Sessions (3)

Session 3A

Monash Warwick Alliance Communities of Practice

Cherryl Jones, Sophie Reissner-Roubicek, Caroline Gibson, Ross Mackenzie


Communities of Practice in LDC

Sara Hattersley

Session 3B

'Is this for first years, too?' Research Training Across the Curriculum

Tilly Harrison, Ayten Alibaba, Tom Underwood, Helena Wall


Peer Support for Undergraduate Research

Kate Courage, Christine Emmett, Nadia Azimikorf




Plenary and Showcase close

Student learning at Warwick: the influence of physical spaces.

Nicholas Monk, Scott Lloyd