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Scientific Reproducibility

Leverhulme-Bridges and Behavioural Science GRP
Colloquium Series: Scientific Reproducibility

Bridges will host a colloquium series on scientific reproducibility. This series responds to the increasing concerns over the (ir)reproducibility of experimental results across many scientific disciplines.

The colloquium series is open to all and would be especially relevant to those interested in the quality of experimental research, regardless of discipline. It will feature speakers from physics, psychology, pharmacology, statistics, medicine, and meta-research.

Bridges is a doctoral scholarship programme funded by the University of Warwick and the Leverhulme Trust, which aims to 'bridge' the mathematical and social sciences. This colloquium series is supported and funded by the Behavioural Science Global Research Priorities Programme.

Speaker Affiliation Date & Time Location
Prof. Tony Weidberg Department of Physics, University of Oxford. 11 May, 2PM. B2.01, Science Concourse.
Dr. Daniele Fanelli Meta-Research Innovation Centre at Stanford, Stanford University. 31 May, 2PM. R0.3/4, Ramphal Building.
Prof. David Colquhoun (FRS, FBPhS) Department of Neuroscience, Physiology and Pharmacology, University College London. 07 Jun, 2PM. R0.3/4, Ramphal Building.
Prof. Marcus Munafò School of Experimental Psychology, University of Bristol. 14 Jun, 1.30PM. Wolfson Research Exchange 1 (Library).
Prof. Thomas Nichols Warwick Manufacturing Group & Statistics Department, the University of Warwick. 11 Oct, 2PM. B1.01, Zeeman Building.

Dr. Dan Jackson

MRC Biostatistics Unit, University of Cambridge. 25 Oct, 2PM.
Wolfson Research Exchange 1 (Library).

Prof. Deborah Ashby (OBE, FMedSci)

School of Public Health, Imperial College London.

30 Nov, 2PM. MS.05, Zeeman Building.

Organised by Kenneth Lim