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Reading Novels in the World: Workshop

This is a workshop for postgraduate students, early career scholars, and faculty interested in thinking methodologically in what it means to read literature across national boundaries. Projects to which this applies include those thinking about how novels represent the world, as well as those interested in the movement of books that begin in one national context and end up being read in another. We will be looking at four recent works that stage this question in different ways, and for different historical periods.

This workshop serves as an opportunity for us to host a visit from a team of researchers working on the nineteenth-century novel at University of São Paulo in Brazil. The Brazilian team are here as part of a collaboration between the universities led by Ross Forman and Sandra Vasconcelos, and includes postgraduates who will be presenting at the workshop. Each text will be introduced from different angles by two postgraduates.

All readings can be accessed below. A limited number of printed reading packs are available from the English Department office (H.506).




Discussion of Rebecca Walkowitz, Born Translated: The Contemporary Novel in an Age of World Literature (2015) – intro and Chap. 1 (Presenters: Waiyee Loh and Roxanne Douglas)


Discussion of Warwick Research Collective, Combined and Uneven Development (2015) – Chap 1 & 2. (Presenters: Gabriela Bitencourt and Sourit Bhattacharya)


Discussion of Roberto Schwarz, “Beyond Universalism and Localism” in Two Girls and Other Essays (2012) (Presenters: Thiago Cass and Emanuelle Santos)


Discussion of Lisa Lowe, The Intimacies of Four Continents (2015) – Chap. 1. (Presenters: Jungju Shin and Milly Weaver)


Closing remarks and drinks

Pre-registration is not required.

Feb 10th, 2016, 1-6pm

IAS Seminar Room
Milburn House

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