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Humanities Alumni Search

In 2010 the Subject Centres for English, History and Philosophical & Religious Studies were interested in developing and appraising a current perspective of alumni in their respective disciplines. Whilst statsitics on graduate destinations are available from sources such as the Prospects website, it was felt important to highlight some of the more unusual, and high profile paths that people have taken, revealing the diverse impact and opportunities that degrees in these humanities subjects can bring. the aim was not to concentrate on the famous, but to look at the scope of alumni in business, the public sector and enterprise.


By sharing the workload, the three Subject Centres were able to conduct thorough searches across disciplines of the following:

  • University alumni sites
  • Dod's Parliamentary Companion
  • FTSE 100 companies
  • Who's Who

The results are available here in two tables

  • History graduates
  • Graduates in all the humanities disciplines involved in the search.

When using the databases, please note the following:

  • Joint honours degrees were included (but specified)
  • The subject of study noted for each individual relates to the higher level of study attained - undergraduate or postgraduate
  • 'Yes' in the 'typical' column relates to a graduate who may not be described as a 'high achiever' but for whom there is an interesting profile
  • The dataset was compiled, and was accurate at the end of 2010

Take a look at the ...

History Alumni database(Excel Spreadsheet) 


Humanities Alumni database (Excel Spreadsheet)


The Employment of History Graduates is being brought up-to-date for publication in the summer, with information and examples to inspire our community and prospective stusents.