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Why is High Performance Computing Important

High Performance Computing (HPC) previously the domain of theoretical scientists and computer and software developers is becoming ever more important as a research tool in many surprising areas.

The use of HPC in modeling complex physical phenomena such as weather, fluid dynamics, molecular interactions, astronomocal calculations and engineering design is well know to researchers in those fields.

HPC is also now being used in industry to improve products, reduce production costs and decrease the time it takes to develop new products.

As our ability to collect Big Data increases the need to be able to analyse the data also increases, this is an area HPC can be a most useful tool.

More recently HPC is being used by researchers in social media, semantics, geology, archeology, materials, urban planning, graphics, genomics, brain imaging, economics, game design and even music. The list will continue to expand as more people are introduced to the possibilities of using HPC, bringing their own unique understanding of how it can be used in their fields.