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Research Themes

The research of the NIHR Health Protection Research Unit in Genomics and Enabling Data is divided into four complementary themes:

  1. The theme Outbreak analysis is aimed at developing new methods to detect and analyse outbreaks of infectious diseases using genomic data, and to inform outbreak control strategies in real time.
  2. The theme Integrating genomics into epidemiology is designed to ensure that genomic data is interpreted correctly within the context of complex transmission dynamics, informed by traditional epidemiological data such as contact tracing, questionnaires, behavioural studies and surveys.
  3. The theme Interface and implementation develops and implements tools for the visualisation of both raw genomic data and the output of joint analysis of this genomic data with other sources of data such as geographical or temporal.
  4. The theme Evolutionary dynamics studies evolutionary trends in genomic and enabling data in order to forecast the effect of proposed intervention measures and therefore provide an evidence base for policymakers.