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Science City AM2 GPC suite

The Polymer Research Technology Platform gel permeation chromatography (GPC) suite consists of eight GPCs running on various eluents equipped with a variety of detectors, including a HTGPC for high temperature use and a bonus instrument for unusual conditions (i.e. ultra low or ultra high MW).

Location: C206

Risk Assessment

Main contact: Daniel Lester, email d dot lester at warwick dot ac dot uk

Downloads (PDF document)
Basic GPC Theory Software keys (Dongles)Link opens in a new window
GPC - Multidetection1 GPC - Multidetection2


GPC Agilent 1260 Infinity II-MDS Agilent 1260 Infinity II-MDS Agilent 1260 Infinity II-MDS

Agilent 1260 Infinity-MDS

Agilent PL-GPC 220 Agilent PL50 Agilent PL50
Eluent CHCl3 THF with 2% TEA + 0.01 % BHT DMF with 5mM NH4BF4

Aqueous buffer (variable)

TCB + 0.25% BHT DMF + 0.1 % LiBr

Aqueous Buffer


Detectors RI,Viscometer, LS, MWD RI, Viscometer, LS, MWD RI, Viscometer, VWD, LS RI, Viscometer, LS RI, Viscometer, LS DRi, UV DRi


2 x PLgel Mixed-C

2 x PLgel Mixed-C

2 x PLgel Mixed-D

Aquagel OH 40 + 60.

2 x PLgel Olexis 2*Polargel M Columns 2 * PlAquagel Mixed M


These detectors and columns are flexible, and can be changed if requested.

Sample Filtration

All samples for GPC must be filtered before running to prevent damage to the systems. Filters should cut from the appropriate materials: Hydrophobic for CHCl3 and THF, Nylon for DMF and Hydrophilic for aqueous. To be working correctly the components must be inserted in the correct order, as shown below.

syringe filters