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Advanced Materials 2 Calorimeter

TA Instruments TAM III

Chemistry, University of Warwick (C204)
Dr Matthew Gibson

Calorimetry can be used for Ultra-sensitive heat flow measurement. The equipment can monitor chemical stability, physical degradation and polymorphic transformations.

Example applications include polymer and pharmaceutical development, cement formulation and accelerated corrosion testing.
  • Up to four independent calorimeters can be used simultaneously
  • 2 x microcalorimeters, 1 x multicalorimeter, 1 x solution calorimeter
  • Isothermal, step-isothermal or temperature scanning modes
  • 15 – 150 °C temperature range
  • Isothermal and slow scanning (2 °C h-1)
  • Temperature stability < 0.01 mK / 24 h