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The Science City Research Alliance benefits from dedicated business engagement managers.
For the Energy Efficiency & Demand project Dr Mike Ahearne is available to assist any companies in need of services such as product testing, research and training.
T +44 (0) 7824 541135 E:

The Science City Research Alliance is working in partnership with many firms across the UK and overseas. Our services enable businesses of all sizes to have access to state-of-the-art research and testing facilities and a high level of expertise at a reasonable cost. Dedicated experienced business engagement managers facilitate interaction between businesses and academics which could ultimately lead to a number of possible outcomes, such as:

  • independent product verification
  • consultancy services including technical support, problem solving, product development
  • advice on funding and grants
  • strategic partnering
  • contract and collaborative research, including multi-partner projects
  • IP licensing and patents
  • Knowledge Transfer, including placements or studentships
  • bespoke training and development for employees, one-to-one or groups

PAINTBOX: Working with SCRA researchers to develop new microgeneration technology with potential for applications in the automotive and building energy sectors
Academics from the University of Warwick are assisting the company Paintbox, based in King’s Norton, Birmingham, which has strong expertise in the application of high quality surface coatings and the design and manufacturing of engineering components in the automotive sector. The company is sponsoring a PHD student to focus on the development of new microgeneration technology with potential for applications in the automotive and building energy sectors.
David Alexander, Director, said, “Science City has been very supportive on our PV project – great network and useful guidance on next steps/funding. Many thanks!”.

CUBEWANO: Joins forces with SCRA academics to optimise combustion chamber, ignition and injector spray systems to increase combustion efficiency
Cubewano is a small high growth business based in Sutton Coldfield in Birmingham. The company started up only two and a half years old ago and is an example of entrepreneurial success having just won the Birmingham Post ‘Manufacturing, Science and Technology’ Award for 2010. The company designs and manufactures small, high quality rotary internal combustion engines and has embarked on a collaborative research and development project with the University of Warwick using state of the art optical fuel combustion diagnostic facilities. The project has enabled the company to optimise combustion chamber, ignition and injector spray systems to increase combustion efficiency and enhance their engine’s ability to run on kerosene based heavy fuel oil.
Shaun Addy, Director and Founder, said “Upon introduction to Warwick we soon realised that there was the possibility for a ground breaking project to actually visualise the flame front and burn within the combustion region of a rotary engine. Warwick University have a history of past such projects that returned valuable results on reciprocating engines. This is the first time, to our knowledge’ that this has been attempted on a rotary engine.”

ERGOHOME: Tests performance of structural insulation panels with help of SCRA expertise
Ergohome, a Birmingham based company, has been working with the University of Birmingham to develop its low environmental impact, structurally sound, affordable factory-built home, with a focus on improving the performance of its structural insulation panels.
Paul Chadwick, Director, said: “The Ergohome has exceeded expectations, even in the recent "-12 Degree" adverse weather it was possible to heat the home with a single 2KW fan heater. Having an independent body impose rigorous science has delivered empirical data to back-up the anecdotal site experience. University support has been key in understanding both the properties of the build material and in measuring the performance of our factory built sustainable home."

NEW WORLD SOLAR: Asks University of Warwick to test and compare photovoltaic panels
Award winning business New World Solar, based in Solihull, supplies and installs a range of renewable energy technologies and has completed over 1000 nationwide installations to date.  The company has embarked on a collaborative research and development project with the Science City Research Alliance at the University of Warwick to evaluate the actual performance of a range of solar photovoltaic panels utilising state of the art Science City solar energy evaluation and testing facilities. The project will enable the company to introduce a new type of solar power panel into the UK market.
Mark Clemson, Sales and Marketing Director, said, “The relationship with Science City has been of great help in supporting our business and we are looking forward to continuing collaboration with the University of Warwick in evaluating solar panel performance.”

Technology Strategy Board CREO project: systems engineering to improve and re-optimise engines and after-treatment
Researchers and engineers from the University of Birmingham are working with several major companies, including FORD, Jaguar Land Rover and Johnson Matthey, as part of the multi-million pound CREO project funded by the Technology Strategy Board .  The project aims to improve and re-optimise the engine and after-treatment as a complete system, meeting legislative, customer and business requirements while minimising CO2 levels. This will be achieved through the use of novel after-treatment techniques, the on-board generation and use of hydrogen and the development and application of new optimisation tools.




 Paul Chadwick, Ergohome Director, Business Engagement Managers Mike Ahearne and Karl West

Dr Stan Shire interviewed by BBC about testing of New World Solar photovoltaic panels

 Cubewano engine

Installation of New World Solar panels for testing at University of Warwick