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Project themes and facilities

The project comprises ten work packages, based at both the University of Warwick (UoW) and the University of Birmingham (UoB):

Electricity, Efficiency of Energy Conversion and Power Distribution

Silicon Carbide devices for power generation and power conversion applications, Professor Phil Mawby, UoW

*  Development of smart power grid technology, Dr Xiao-Ping Zhang, UoB

Renewable power gen & energy storage technologies, Dr Jihong Wang, UoB

Fuel Combustion for Transport and Power

Sustainable engine fuels research, Professor Miroslaw Wyszynski, UoB

Fuel combustion optimisation using optical diagnostics, Professor Peter Bryanston-Cross, UoW

Hybrid Electric Powertrain Technology

Vehicle Energy Facility for automotive and sustainable power applications, Dr Paul Jennings, UoW

Energy Systems Integration Laboratory for rail, heavy vehicle and sustainable power applications, Dr Stuart Hillmansen and Dr Clive Roberts, UoB

Sustainable Thermal Technology & Buildings

Thermal systems testing,  solar energy evaluation & testing, materials property measurements, Professor Bob Critoph, UoW

Assessment of energy performance of buildings and associated training. Dr Mark Gatterell, UoB.

Energy Policy

Energy policy underpinning all research activities of the project, Richard Green, UoB.