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Weather Station

There is an array of instruments and a web-connected logger on the roof of A block. This records:

  • Wind speed, direction and gust wind speed
  • Temperatureweatherstation.jpg
  • Relative humidity
  • Rainfall
  • Insolation (solar energy)
  • Atmospheric pressure

The logger can be reached HERE. (The logger was upgraded in February 2018. The IP address changed and the user interface is substantially different.)

login as 'Guest' with the password 'Guest'. This allows you to view and download data. At the moment a prompt comes up as you login click to accept this.

Go to "monitor the logger" and then follow the links on the left to download "retrieve" or view "measurement" the data.

Downloads of weather data

It is possible to download the records directly from the logger, but these files can be very large. Each month the data is downloaded, tidied up a little and archived at:

Please read notes.txt on that page.

The data sets run from 1st March 2011

Daily, Hourly and Minute-by-minute files are available


The site and nature of the weather station were chosen to record the environmental conditions for our long-term test of photovoltaic panels. Some caution should be excersised when using the data for other purposes.

The insolation measured is that falling on a south facing plane at 30o inclination. The sensor can fall into shadow in the late afternoon.

All wind data is affected by local topology. Our site, on a roof in a built up area is no exception.

There are some holes in the data. As far as I can tell all of them are identified in 'notes.txt'