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History of Violence Network

History of Violence Network

Goya's painting of the Spanish Civil War

Network Coordinators:
Jonathan Davies ยท Christopher Read

The history of violence has been the subject of extensive research. With members drawn from across the world, the History of Violence Network provides a focus for all areas of research into personal, social, political, and cultural violence. This includes but is not limited to interpersonal violence comprising lethal violence (murder and manslaughter), non-lethal violence (assault and rape), and consensual violence; collective violence (carnival, charivari, and massacres); individual and group political violence (riots, strikes, terrorism and revolution); and state violence against the individual (execution, punishment, terror). The Network also investigates cultural polemics and violence. In addition, it ignores the traditional differentiation of war from violence.

The Network is strongly interdisciplinary, drawing on anthropological, economic, emotional, environmental, gender, geographical, historical, legal, medical, philosophical, political, psychological, rhetorical, sociological, spatial, and visual approaches. The Network ranges from the late Middle Ages to the present and reaches across the globe with members working on Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

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