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Warwick Polymer Group 2023 people

Research Ethos

The scientific research objectives from the Warwick Polymer Group are set out following a holistic approach and involve five key research grand challenges:

  1. Consumer trends and needs (eco-use, challenging habitual and behavioural choices)
  2. Product and design (eco-design, properties, life cycle analysis, net-zero)
  3. Sustainable feedstocks (renewable, waste, recycled, and decarbonised feedstocks)
  4. Sustainable high-value manufacturing (non-hazardous, cost-effective, green chemistry and processing, energy efficient, zero-waste)
  5. End-of-life (chemical, biodegradable and mechanical recycling)


We are a diverse and vibrant interdisciplinary community . Expertise spans polymer synthesis, characterisation, modelling, and processing; sustainable, green, and bio(mimetic) science; digital technologies; net-zero manufacturing; colloids and soft matter; elastomers; (nano)composites; enzymatic and biodegradation; plastic waste and recycling; microplastics; agricultural and environmental impacts; sustainable business models; social justice, political, and socio-economic impacts.