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Our links to the wider world

Links Within Warwick

Microbiology & Infection
Epidemiology (Life Sciences)
CRISM (Statistics)
Stats & Epi (Medical School)

Below are some examples of what past students and post-docs of WIDER members are now doing.

Past Post-Docs/Fellowships/Staff

Jim Bull: Lecturer, Swansea University.

Leon Danon: Lecturer, Bristol University

W. John Edmunds: Professor, London School Hygiene & Tropical Med.

Gabriela Gomes, Gulbenkian Institute, Lisbon, Portugal

Penny Hancock: Marie-Curie Fellowship, Oxford and James Cook Uni. Aus

Jane Heffernan :Assistant Professor, Dept. Mathematics, York Uni., Toronto

Thomas House: Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Maths, Manchester Uni.

Chris Jewell: Lecturer Lancaster Medical School.

Jasmeet Kaler: Lecturer, School of Veterinary Med., Nottingham Uni.

Graham Medley: London Schoold of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Chris O'Callaghan: NCIC Clinical Trials Group

Jonathan Read : Lecturer, Vet School, U. Liverpool

Joshua Ross : Associate Professor, University of Adelaide

Mike Tildesley: Lecturer, Exeter Uni, Falmouth Campus

Matthew Vernon: Lecturer, Scottish Agricultural College

Steve Webb: Lecturer, Dept. Maths, Uni. Strathclyde

Past Phd Students

Ellen Brooks-Pollock: (2004-2008): Lecturer, Bristol University

Ben Cooper: Mahidol Oxford Tropical Med. Research Unit, Thailand

Selin Cooper: Quality Milk Management Services, Wells, Somerset

Ken Eames: (2000-2003): Lecturer LSHTM, London

Martin Green: Professor, School of Veterinary Med., Nottingham Uni.

Tim Kinyanjui: (2009-2013) Post-doctural research, Warwick

Alessia Melegaro: Reseach Fellow, Bocconi University, Italy

Eric Morgan: Senior Lecturer, Biological Sci., Uni Bristol

Vinca Russell: Technical Researcher / Writer, Witherby Publishing Group Ltd., Edinburgh

Kath O'Reilly: MRC fellow, Imperical College, London

Horace Ochanda: Professor, University of Nairobi, Kenya

Edmund Peeler: Head of aquatic animal disease, CEFAS

Andrew Sutton: Lecturer, Health Economics, Birmingham Uni.

Charlotte West (nee Evans): Knowledge Transfer Manager, British Pig Executive

Lisa White: Mahidol Oxford Tropical Med. Research Unit, Thailand

Patrick Munywoki:


Bryan Grenfell (Princeton): Foot-and-Mouth disease, Measles

Chris Gilligan (Cambridge): Spatial models.

Gary Smith (U. Penn): Foot-and-Mouth disease, Avian Flu.

Mike Boots (Exeter): Evolution of Diseases

Mark Woolhouse (Edinburgh): Foot-and-mouth disease

Neil Ferguson (Imperial): Pandemic Control

Nick Savill (Edinburgh): H5N1 in poultry and Foot-and-Mouth

Pej Rohani (Michigan): Measles, Childhood Diseases, Evolution

Rob Deardon (Guelph): Parameter estimation (FMD)

Steve Leach (HPA): Pandemic Control