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The Zeeman Institute: SBIDER

The Zeeman Institute for Systems Biology & Infectious Disease Epidemiology Research (SBIDER) specialises in bringing sophisticated mathematics to challenges in biological sciences. Our research spans from the theoretical to practical policy advice, and from the genome to the population. We are a team of around 20 staff from across campus with individuals based in Maths, Stats, Computer Science, Life Sciences and Medicine.

At the core of our research is a desire to better understand and predict the biological world, often with the ultimate goal of controlling disease.

We are named after Sir Christopher Zeeman who founded the Warwick Mathematics department, and was an enthusiast of using mathematical ideas to approach problems in biology. In particular, we believe this quote from a 1966 paper by Zeeman is still appropriate today "biology is now entering a new era and it is beginnng to need more sophisticated mathematics in order to discover the forms underlying the behaviour of complicated things".

senate_map_small.jpgWe are now located on the top floor of the new Mathematical Sciences Building in the centre of campus.