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Chemistry Dalton 2014

Dalton 2014

Dalton 2014 is a joint meeting of

  • Inorganic Reaction Mechanisms Discussion
  • Coordination and Organometallic Chemistry Discussion Group
  • Main Group Chemistry Discussion Group
  • Inorganic Biochemistry Discussion Group

and will be held at the University of Warwick between April 15th 2014 and April 17th 2014.

This meeting follows on from the huge success of Dalton 2012 which was attended by 252 delegates from 14 countries with 147 students, 78 Oral presentations and 129 poster presentations.

Dalton 2014 meeting will also showcase a number of RSC Medal winners and will showcase the depth and breadth of Inorganic Chemistry.

We can confirm the following Keynote speakers:

  • Ted Betley (Harvard)
  • Ingo Krossing (Freiburg)
  • Jennifer Love (UBC Vancouver)
  • Zhenyang Lin (Hong Kong University of Science & Technology)
  • Paul Walton (York)

And the following RSC prize winners:

  • Christopher Cummins (MIT) – Ludwig Mond
  • Mike George (Nottingham) – Inorganic Reaction Mechanisms Award
  • Thomas O'Halloran (Northwestern) – Bioinorganic Chemistry Award
  • Richard Layfield (Manchester) – Sir Edward Frankland Fellowship
  • Rebecca Melen (Toronto) – Dalton Young Researcher Award

Sixty-eight furher contributed talks have been scheduled and 158 posters will be presented. 296 delegates have registered.

Registration is now closed.

Dalton 2014 is co-organised by Jon Rourke, Sam de Visser and Mike George.
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