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Sponsors and Exhibitors Area

We are delighted to have a full exhibitions area and look forward to seeing you at the upcoming Faraday Joint Interest Group Conference 2017 at Warwick University. Below is a list of practicalities to make everything go smoothly on the day, so please read each one.


If you haven’t paid yet, please pay your invoice before the start of the meeting.


If you plan on driving to the meeting and parking, please register here, then you must PRINT the permit and display on your car upon arrival or they won't let you park. Parking is at a premium on campus, and they are strict.

DIRECTIONS AND SET-UP: Exhibitors can access the exhibition area on the Chemistry and Science Concourse from 09:00 am on Tuesday 11th of April, 2017 to set up. If you have boxes etc to unload when you arrive, you are welcome to park on Library Road (see dashed line on map below) and go in the entrance to Chemistry indicated by the red arrow and procced to Floor 2 via the lift. Alternatively, you can drive around the back of Chemistry to unload (entrance indicated by final black circle). In this case you would go in the double glass doors and take the lift to Floor 2. Once you unload, you must take your car to one of the Central Campus car parks to park for the day.

Drop off Map