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4 Essential element present in all foods, its radioactive isotope accounts for more than half of the natural radioactivity in our bodies. (9) 1 Which element in acid form can kill you by interfering with calcium in your blood when absorbed through your skin, but is a key ingredient in toothpaste? (8)
5 Cereals are fortified with which element that also fertilised the abundance of life in the ocean during the last ice age through dust? (4) 2 Which element in too high a concentration kills bacteria and so is used in mouthwash, but is also key for life in thousands of proteins? (4)
6 Element found in high concentrations in Napoleon's hair, present in sea creatures such as lobsters and plaice, and in a frontline treatment for a form of leukaemia. (7) 3 Which metal burns so brightly it is often found in fireworks, helps balance charge in the body and messed up it is "amusing me"? (anagram) (9)
10 Which element helps light a match, is in your bones, and limits life in some parts of the ocean? (10) 4 Edible Apricot cooked for a chemical system. (anagram) (13)
11 As the main component of our atmosphere this element is triply-bonded, and a vital component of proteins, but remarkable difficult for life to access. (8) 5 Which element acts as an antiseptic (and can be added to dirty water to make it potable) but is also key for function of the thyroid? (6)

This element gives volcanic gas its eggy smell, however it is also a key component of amino acids and proteins for binding metals. (7)

7 Which element is against capitalism? (cryptic) (8)
14 Which element do corals need to produce their skeleton and is also found in milk? (7) 8 Which element is common to: mad hatters, the smallest planet in the solar system, ointment for treatment of eyelid infections? (7)
15 Which metal is common in hand creams and also is most common in mineral water and seawater? (6) 9 This element is used in swimming pools to kill microorganisms which could cause infection. The more the swimming pool smells of it, the more microorganisms have been killed... (8)
16 Which unintentionally accumulated gas produced by microorganisms transformed irreversibly the chemical landscape of the Earth 2.5 billion years ago and was essential for the emergence of complex life? (6) 12 The densest of all metals, and with a suitable organic coating is highly effective in killing cancer cells. (6)
17 Which element can be found in both Marmite and a blue biro? (6)    
18 Who invented the periodic table? (15)    

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