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Chemistry Becer group

Becer group

The Becer group was initially established at Warwick in 2010 and then moved to Queen Mary University of London in 2013. In 2019, the group moved back to Warwick Chemistry to carry out its research activities.

Our Polymer Chemistry Laboratories are located on the third floor, C-block of the main Chemistry building. We are utilizing living polymerization techniques such as anionic or cationic polymerizations and controlled radical polymerization techniques, in combination with highly efficient organic reactions, aka click reactions, to prepare most of our designed polymers. We can perform almost all types organic reactions in our laboratories in order to obtain the desired small or large molecules. We have direct access to wide range of analytical facilities at Warwick. Besides, our laboratories are very well equipped and we are able to perform detailed analysis of small organic compounds as well as polymers.

Our research activities are funded by research grants from RCUK, EU, and industry. We have carried out a significant amount of research for Infineum since 2014 and resulted in a series of patents in the field of oil additives. Similarly, we have worked with CreateMe (US) to develop reversible adhesives for garment production to improve sustainability in textile industry. These inventions have been filed in 2022/2023 (19 US patents). Besides industrial projects, we have also collaborated with several academic groups in the UK and beyond. For instance, we have been coordinating a EU Horizon2020 funded Doctoral Training Network on Biomolecular Machines since 2019. You can visit for more information on this network.

If you are interested in funding a research project or giving us a donation to conduct research in the fields of sustainable materials and targeted delivery of nucleic acids please contact Prof. Dr. Remzi Becer directly via email: