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Group members


Mohammad Rejaur Rahman- 4th year PhD student (Commonwealth Scholarship, with Dr Binuraj Menon)

Sam Tucker- 3rd year PhD student (Warwick- Monash joint PhD programme)

Esther Fasoyin- 3rd year PhD student (Chancellor's International Scholarship)

Charles Burgess- 3rd year PhD student (BBSRC-MIBTP); BBSRC-MIBTP project student (April-July 2022)

Ikrah Saddique- MRes student (Oct 2022- )

Amelia Goodbody- MChem student (Oct 2023- )

Malena Dalies- visiting MRes student (ORT Montevideo, March-May 2024)


Tim Kirkman- PhD student (EPSRC, with Dr Marcio Dias; Sept 2019-Sept 2023)

Kaibing Li- summer student (June - July 2023)

Megan Marsh- MChem student (Oct 2022- June 2023)

Caroline Akamune- MRes student (Oct 2021- March 2023); URSS project student (July-August 2019)

Heather Scott- PhD student (BBSRC-MIBTP; Oct 2018- Dec 2022)

Candace Ho- PhD student (Monash-Warwick joint PhD programme; Feb 2019- Feb 2023); Research Assistant (Jan- June 2017) and visiting researcher (July-Sept 2017); MRes student (October 2014-May 2016)

Ryan Packer- Research Assistant (June- December 2022); PhD student (Sept 2017- May 2022)

Aiste Andriulyte- PhD student (BBSRC-MIBTP; July 2020- June 2022); MChem student (Oct 2018- June 2019); URSS project student (July-Sept 2019; July-August 2017)

Sachin Bhangra- MChem student (Oct 2021-June 2022)

Scott Andrew- PhD student (EPSRC Interdisciplinary DTP, Oct 2017-March 2022)

Panward Prasongpholchai- Research Assistant (Oct 2020- Jan 2021; June- July 2021); PhD student (Chancellor's International Scholarship, Oct 2016-February 2021); BBSRC research experience placement student (July-September 2013)

Tommy Clifford- MChem student (with Dr Marcio Dias, Oct 2020- June 2021)

Thays De Souza Carvalho- MRes student (Sept 2017-Jan 2018; Jan 2020-March 2021)

Dr Dan Leng- PDRA (Oct 2019- Sept 2020); PhD student (BBSRC-MIBTP, Oct 2015- Sept 2019)

John Boyle- BBSRC MIBTP Research Experience Placement student (June-July 2019) and MChem student (Sept 2019- June 2020)

Rob Jenkins- PhD student (EPSRC-DTA, Oct 2015- Sept 2019)

Sam Tucker- MChem student (Oct 2020- June 2021); BBSRC research experience placement student (July-August 2021); URSS project student (July-Sept 2019)

Amy Godfrey- MRC-DTP project student (April- June 2019)

Christian Slee- MChem student (Oct 2018- June 2019)

Elisa Bonandi- visiting PhD student (from University of Milan, Italy, April-September 2018)

Catherine Povey- BBSRC-MIBTP project student (July- August 2018)

Dr Anja Greule- visiting PDRA (from Monash University, July- August 2018)

Klaus Westphal- visiting PhD student (from Aalborg University, Denmark, June- August 2018)

Ben Westwood- MChem student (October 2017-June 2018)

Alexandros Constantinou-MRC-DTP project student (April- June 2018)

Pamela Banana-Dube- PhD student (September 2014-April 2018)

Rishi Chudasama- UG project student (October 2017- March 2018)

Alex Baker- MChem student (October 2016-June 2017)

Dr Ina Wilkening-Postodoctoral Researcher (June 2013-March 2014); Marie Curie Postdoctoral Research Fellow (April 2014-March 2016); Visiting Researcher (April 2016-Oct 2016)

Dexter Bushell- MChem student (October 2015-June 2016) and URSS student (July-September 2016)

Sophia Harringer- Master Erasmus student (from Wien University, January-June 2016)

Francesca Ghiringhelli-Master Erasmus student (from Milan University, February-June 2016)

Dr Judith Havemann- BBSRC Postdoctoral Researcher (February 2014-January 2016)

Dr Elena Riva- BBSRC Postdoctoral Researcher (July 2012- Dec 2013) and IAS Postdoctoral Research Fellow (January 2014-September 2015)

Samantha L. Kilgour-PhD student (October 2011- September 2015, BBSRC-MIBTP)

James S. Parascandolo- PhD student (January 2011-December 2014, EPSRC-DTA)

Chloe Skliar- MChem student (October 2014- June 2015)

Chidinma Grace Uzoho- MChem student (October 2014- June 2015) and URSS student (July-September 2013)

Andrew Armstrong- URSS student (July-August 2014)

Joji Tanaka- MOAC PhD project student (May-July 2014)

Otto Kostner-Master Erasmus student (from Wien University, Austria; January- June 2014)

Jack Connolly- MIBTP PhD project student (April-June 2014)

Piera Marchetti- MChem student (October 2013- June 2014) and summer placement student (July-September 2013)

Silvia Gazzola- visiting PhD student (from Uninsubria University; September 2013- February 2014 )

Cora Gutierrez-Erasmus student (from Barcelona University, Spain; September-December 2013)

David Perry- MOAC project student (July-September 2013)

Sophie Neale- URSS student (August-September 2013)

Dr Nicolas Malet- Postdoctoral Researcher (March 2012- December 2012)

Glen Dorrington- MChem student (October 2011-June 2012)

Najiyah Chowdhury- MChem student (October 2011-June 2012)

Wilma Neumann- visiting student (from University of Leipzig, August- October 2011)


Tosin Group Christmas dinner, Kenilworth, Dec 2022. From left to right: Tim Kirkman, Ryan Packer, Megan Marsh, Jingfan Zhang (Alberti group), Ikrah Saddique, Manuela Tosin, Rejaur Rahman, Sam Tucker, Esther Fasoyin, Heather Scott and Charles Burgess.

group pic2

Tosin Group Christmas dinner, Kenilworth, Dec 2021. From left to right: Ryan Packer, Panward Prasongpholchai, Thays De Souza Carvalho, Caroline Akamune, Tim Kirkman, Rejaur Rahman, Sachin Bhangra, Sam Tucker, Heather Scott, Aiste Andriulyte, Esther Fasoyin and Manuela Tosin.