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Well_N Model - Inputs - N Fertiliser Applied Dialog

When N fertiliser is applied to the field, select N Fertiliser Applied...from the WELL_Npull down menu. Then enter the details using the following dialog:-

N Fertiliser Applied Dialog

Date of New Event:Enter the date when the N fertiliser was applied.

Amount of N Fertiliser:Enter the amount of N fertiliser applied in kg / ha. To add a new event complete the above questions then click on the Addbutton. To remove an existing event, click on the event in the top half of the dialog then click on the Deletebutton. All recorded applied N fertiliser must be prior to the period of estimation as specified in the Method of Estimating N Dialog. You must have at least one Soil N Sampleevent and Soil Moisture Deficitevent before any N Fertiliser Applied events.