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Well_N - Inputs - Soil Status Dialog

Select Soil Status…from the WELL_Nmenu to view the Soil Status dialog.

Soil Status Dialog

Soil Type:For each of the depth ranges, select the soil type which best describes the type of soil in the field.

Is there a Barrier to Root Penetration:If there is a barrier to root penetration, i.e. soil pan or rock. Then check the box to indicate yes and enter the depth in the following question. Depth of Barrier to Root Penetration:If the answer to the above question is yes then enter the depth of the barrier to root penetration here. Otherwise this question will be greyed out. Mineralisation Rate for Soil Organic Matter:Enter the mineralisation rate for soil organic matter in kilograms of Nitrogen per hectare per day, at the temperature defined below. For non peat soils, the mineralisation rate typically takes the value 0.7 kg N / ha per day at 15.9ºC. Temperature when Measured:Enter the temperature at which the mineralisation rate for soil organic matter (SOM, above) was measured.