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The AMBER research team

Warwick Crop Centre: School of Life Sciences, University of Warwick, Wellesbourne Campus, CV35 9EF UK
Dave Chandler

Dave Chandler BSc PhD FRES

Dave is the project leader for AMBER. He has 25 years of experience of leading research projects on entomopathogens as biopesticides in horticultural crops. He has particular interests in the physiology and ecology of entomopathogenic fungi and the development of biopesticides. He has worked on research projects funded by Defra, HDC, BBSRC, CRD, EU and industry. Dave has an international reputation in biopesticides research and IPM. His work was assessed as being “world leading” by the 2014 Research Excellence Framework.

Gill Prince

Gill Prince BSc MSc

Gill is an entomologist with 20 years of experience in biological control of pests on a range of horticultural crops and biopesticide science at Warwick. She has extensive experience in running field, glasshouse, poly tunnel and laboratory experiments at Warwick Crop Centre to ORETO standards and has an established working relationship with biopesticide manufacturers and distributors.

John Clarkson

John Clarkson John Clarkson BSc PhD

John has more than 20 years of experience as a plant pathologist working on a wide range of foliar and root diseases. He has been involved with and led research projects funded by BBSRC, Defra, HDC, EU, TSB, Innovate UK as well as commercial contracts. John’s particular areas of expertise include plant pathogen biology, ecology and population structure; molecular plant pathogen diagnostics and monitoring; biological control approaches with microorganisms, biofumigant plants and organic amendments; development of assays for screening and identification of new sources of plant disease resistance.

ADAS Ltd: ADAS Boxworth, Cambridge, CB23 4NA UK

Jude Bennison BSc

Jude has over 35 years’ experience in entomology and over 30 years’ experience in managing collaborative pest management research projects, developing biological and IPM strategies in horticultural crops and in communicating new IPM methods to growers and other industry members.

Erika Wedgwood BSc, MSc PhD

Erika has over 30 years’ experience in crop protection, principally as a plant pathologist, but also having carried out research with invertebrate pests. She has worked across the full range of UK horticultural and agricultural crops, firstly at NIAB specialising in pulses, vegetables, potatoes, sugar beet and oilseeds. In the last ten years with ADAS she has specialised in the diseases of hardy nursery stock, soft fruit, vegetables and salad crops, but has additionally carried out work across the crop sectors.

Mark Ramsden BSc, PhD

Mark in an entomologist with 10 years of experience of pest management in arable and horticultural crops. His work has focused on innovations in crop protection, such as conservation biological control in arable crops, and sustainable intensification of crop production.

David Talbot BSc

Over 15 years’ experience in working in commercial horticulture, specialist knowledge of all aspects of ornamental crops and protected crop production. Proven track record in consultancy in both protected and outdoor ornamental crops with expertise in the prevention and control of pests, diseases and weeds in various crops and production systems. Skills include the delivery of R&D and KE; contributing to a range of projects and HDC factsheets in recent years; frequent speaker at grower conferences and meetings.

Silsoe Spray Applications Unit Wrest Park: Wrest Park, Silsoe, Bedford, MK45 4HP UK

Clare Butler Ellis BSc PhD & Andrew Lane BSc

Clare is Head of SSAU, while Andrew is a spray applications specialist within the SSAU team. Silsoe Spray Applications Unit is an experienced, internationally recognised, research team with specialist skills in the following technical areas: Spray/aerosol generation and characterization; Spray behaviour and fate; Modelling of airborne spray and aerosols; the relationship between pesticide application and performance; delivering and quantifying microorganisms on surfaces. The unique facilities in the Silsoe laboratory include a purpose-built wind tunnel for spray drift and controlled-environment experimentation (one of very few such facilities in the world), a comprehensive range of analytical equipment for quantifying applied substances, including active ingredients, inert tracers and microorganisms, and a high-speed track sprayer for delivering sprays under controlled environmental conditions. The Unit undertakes research, development, consultancy, knowledge transfer and training relating to the generation and fate of sprays in the environment, particularly for the agricultural use of pesticides. The Unit has significant experience in leading, managing and contributing to projects involving a wide range of partners, including industry and academia.

Rationale Biopesticide Strategists: Duns, Berwickshire TD11 3QA UK

Roma Gwynn BSc MSc PhD

Roma is a biopesticide specialist working within the technology area for over 30 years, initially as an insect pathologist research scientist and then working for commercial companies in biocontrol product development and registration. She is now an independent specialist. Roma has taken a lead role in the EU and internationally in the development and registration of many new biopesticide technologies including semio-chemical, botanical and microbial substances. Her expertise is in facilitating the process of getting biopesticide products onto the market by streamlining bio-discovery, product development, registration and marketing, with particular expertise in efficacy.

Rob Jacobson Consultancy Ltd: Bramham, West Yorkshire, LS23 6TH UK

Rob Jacobson BSc PhD FRES MBPR (Hort)

Rob is one of the world’s leading consultants on crop protection in protected edible crops. He has been actively involved in crop protection for over 35 years and specialising in biological control / IPM in horticultural crops for over 30 years. His career includes working as an extension worker with ADAS, Technical Manager for a biocontrol producer, Entomology Research Leader with Horticulture Research International and currently an independent IPM consultant with clients as far afield as Australia / New Zealand. He has been an invited speaker on IPM related subjects at seminars for growers / IPM practitioners in Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, New Zealand and Morocco. Rob is a Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society and past convenor of the AAB’s Biocontrol Specialist Group. He was also winner of the ‘Science into Practice’ category of the 2009 Grower of the Year Awards for work on IPM in tomato crops.