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Director's message

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Director's message

director of warwick evidence amy groveDr Amy Grove - Director of Warwick Evidence
Despite the unexpected challenges that this year has brought, it has been a successful and productive year for Warwick Evidence with much activity on the research, publication and teaching fronts. I am pleased to report that the retendering of the NIHR Technology Assessment Reviews contract for 2022-2027, in partnership with McMDC Ltd. was successful.

Our team work scrupulously to provide NICE with the best evidence available to make the best decisions for patients. The re-funding of our team is proof of our dedication to this important work. Whilst the pandemic has created a new working environment for all of us, the team have worked flexibly and persisted through an uncertain year. Despite these changes, through team resilience, project management and planning, we continue to deliver high-quality reports and meet all deadlines. I am incredibly proud of the team in terms of the work outputs and teamwork to support each other.

We have experienced several staff changes this year including, new appointments and internal promotions, and we are pleased to support the career development of our staff. I recognise that Warwick Evidence is an excellent training ground for methodologists working across a range of health and social care disciplines. I am confident that Warwick Evidence is in a strong position and this next round of funding provides us with the opportunity to continue to grow and expand our primary and second research programmes and networks across WMS, the University and beyond.