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MI Health is a regional collaboration of Medical and Healthcare schools across the following institutions (Partner Leads):

Anthony Hilton Aston University (Professor Anthony Hilton. Acting Pro Vice-Chancellor and Executive Dean of the School of Life and Health Sciences) da University of Birmingham (Professor David Adams. Pro-Vice Chancellor. Head of College of Medical and Dental Sciences. Dean of Medicine)

Keele University (Professor Pauline Walsh, Pro Vice Chancellor and Executive Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences)


University of Leicester (Professor Philip Baker. Pro-Vice-Chancellor. Head of the College of Medicine, Biological Sciences and Psychology. Dean of Medicine)
Mark Lewis

Loughborough University (Professor Mark Lewis. Dean of School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences. Director of the National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine) -

John Atherton

University of Nottingham (Professor John Atherton. Pro-Vice Chancellor. Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences)

sk University of Warwick (Professor Sudhesh Kumar. Dean of the Warwick Medical School) CONVENER AlexA

Project Manager/Business Development Manager

Alex Archibald