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Jeol 2200FS TEM

The Jeol 2200FS is a 200kV FEG transmission cryo-electron microscope with in-column energy filter and a top of the line Gatan K2 Summit director electron detector. It is equipped with a semi-automated data collection system for single-particle samples and tomography.

This machine is primarily used for high-resolution structural biology applications.


Light microscopy


For light microscopy, the RTP has a dual inverted selective plane illumination microscope (diSPIM) from Intelligent Imaging Solutions (3i). This is used for low photobleaching application, high z-resolution and imaging of large samples.

For other light microscopy applications, please contact the SLS Imaging Facility manager Ian at

Jeol 2100Plus TEM


The Jeol 2100Plus is a 200kV LaB6 instrument fitted with a Gatan OneView IS camera. It is set up for room temperature or cryo use. This is our workhorse electron microscope and is used for routine work.

Two 3-hour training sessions are usually sufficient to use this machine independently for room-temperature TEM. For cryo-EM, the training process takes a few days.




Our brand-new cryo-ultramicrotome is set up for use at room temperature or cooled with liquid nitrogen. It can be used for CEMOVIS, Tokuyasu and sectioning of resin-embedded samples.

Electron microscopy sample preparation

We have a dedicated staining bench, cryo-transfer bench, a carbon coater, a glow discharger, and a rapid plunge-freezing device. We can fully support your sample preparation.

Image Analysis

We support analysis of datasets a variety of platforms. ImageJ/FIJI, Imaris, Amira, IMOD. We support RELION, FREALIGN etc for cryoEM structure determination.

Acknowledging the Unit
  • People

If the staff of the Advanced Bioimaging RTP have significantly contributed to your research, for instance in experimental design and data processing, please consider them for authorship on your publications.

  • Jeol 2200FS/DiSPIM/Cryo-ultramicrotome

We acknowledge the University of Warwick Advanced Bioimaging Research Technology Platform supported by BBSRC ALERT14 award BB/M01228X/1

  • Jeol 2100Plus TEM

We acknowledge the Midlands Regional Cryo-EM Facility, hosted at the Warwick Advanced Bioimaging Research Technology Platform, for use of the JEOL 2100Plus, supported by MRC award reference MC_PC_17136