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Chief Medical Officer for England joins WMS Faculty Board

Sir Liam Donaldson, Chief Medical Officer for England and the United Kingdom’s Chief Medical Adviser, has joined the Warwick Medical School Faculty Advisory Board.

The Board advises the Faculty of Medicine on a number of issues nationally and internationally. It also helps to develop external relationships with partners and stakeholders.

Sir Liam Donaldson is probably best known for three of his achievements in public health. Firstly, his trailblazing annual reports, which have brought major health concerns to public attention, in particular the need for smoke-free public places, the obesity 'time bomb', and the problems of binge drinking.

Secondly, his creation of the concept of clinical governance – a clinically led way to assure high standards of care – which is now an internationally recognised approach in health care.

Thirdly, his leadership of patient safety as a priority for health care systems around the world. His report An organisation with a memory shaped policy on patient safety in the United Kingdom and his chairmanship of the World Health Organization World Alliance for Patient Safety has moved action to a global scale.

Sir Liam has received honours and awards from many public bodies. His published writing and research on health and health care subjects is very extensive. He has given many keynote addresses at conferences and is an experienced broadcaster and public communicator.

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Sir Liam Donaldson