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Annual MB ChB Prize Giving Evening

Our MB ChB student awards ceremony takes the opportunity to recognise the hard work and achievements of our student body over the academic year. Awards are made to all year groups in a number of different areas.

These are presented as part of an evening ceremony where students get the opportunity to have some much needed down time with their fellow MB ChB colleagues and teachers over a meal and refreshments and by enjoying an evening of speeches and celebration of their work.

This year the awards took place on Tuesday 1 December at our Medical Teaching Centre. The event was opened by our Pro-Dean Education Professor Lesley Roberts, and the evening was led by Professor Colin Macdougall, Head of Medical Education. Dean Professor Sudhesh Kumar presented certificates to the winners.

The winners of our 2015 Prizes are:

Year 1

Emma Townsend with Professor Sudhesh Kumar

Top Mark - Year 1 Written Examination prize:

(short answer questions and multiple choice questions added together)

Emma Townsend

Laura McManus

Top Mark - Year 1 OSCE prize:

Laura McManus

The Felicity Smith Group Prize:

Felicity Smith worked as a lead clinician in reproductive health care for 35 years until she retired. This work was done in community clinics in South Warwickshire, Rugby and Solihull. Each clinic was run by a team of doctors, nurses and administrative staff with the senior member of each group sharing overall responsibility.
For the patients who attended the clinic, the team’s sensitivity and attention to their needs was the most valued part of their interaction with the staff and professional identity was less important.

This prize celebrates the ability of members of the medical and nursing professions and the administrative staff to work together in different roles as equals; valuing each other, giving each other space to use their abilities and opportunity in which to develop their potential.

The team who won the Felicity Smith Group Prize with Professor Sudhesh KumarThe outcome of the team working together in this way is of great benefit in patient care and an investment in good user-provider relationships. We commend those students who are working in this way at this stage in their careers.

  • Josh Edwards
  • Jonathan Johns
  • James Keasley
  • Alison Leckie
  • Joshua Nicholls
  • Tasmin Patel
  • Michelle Riley
  • Aneka Ross

Year 2

Student Selected Components:

In the second year of study, students are able to select their own projects from a choice of a number of different areas. They are required to produce a report for which these students received top marks in their selected components. Congratulations to all.

Hennita Trivedy with Professor Sudhesh Kumar

British Sign Language:

  • Hannah Porter (unable to attend)
  • Hennita Trivedy (pictured above)

Alexander Roberston with Professor Sudhesh Kumar

Clinical Ethics and Law:

  • Alexander Roberston

James Keasley with Professor Sudhesh Kumar

Global Health

  • James Keasley

James Bockhart with Professor Sudhesh Kumar

Infectious Disease and Tropical Medicine:

  • James Bockhart


Introduction to Counselling Skills:

  • Parvati Addingadoo
  • Katrina Harrison
  • Emma Overgage


Introduction to Medical Humanities:

  • Michael Boylan
  • Alison Leckie

Fenella Podd

Peer-Assisted learning: An Introduction to Medical Education:

  • Fenella Podd

Elizabeth Baker

Sleep Medicine:

  • Elizabeth Baker

Getting Mindfulness into Clinical Practice:

  • Fiona Murray (unable to attend)

Pre Hospital Trauma Care:

  • Holly McQuarrie (unable to attend)

Year 2 – Phase 2:

Eleanor and Ashley with Professor Sudhesh Kumar

Top Mark - Year 2 Written Examination prize:

(short answer questions and multiple choice questions added together)

Eleanor Abbot and Ashley Pickworth (pictured left)

Top Mark - Year 2 OSCE prize:

Jack Shepard (unable to attend)

Year 3 – Phase 3:

Elective Prize:

The elective prize winners were chosen on the quality of their reports. They were well presented and demonstrated a high level of engagement with their elective experience and showed significant professional and personal development.

  • Lucy Darwin’s elective was with the Essex and Hertfordshire Air Ambulance Trust
  • Amy Burrows did her elective in South Africa in the A&E department of a major teaching hospital in Cape Town. (read Amy's full story)
Lucy Darwin and Amy Burrows with Professor Sudhesh Kumar
Laura Marsland with Professor Sudhesh Kumar

The Henry Parsey Psychiatry Prize:

This prize is for the top Psychiatry student in the year, endowed by the Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust.

It is selected by interview. Candidates are all students who obtain an overall E grade for the Psychiatry block.

It is named after Dr William Henry Parsey, an eminent 19th century local psychiatrist. During his career he was medical superintendent at Hatton Hospital and then the president of the Warwick County Lunatic Asylum. He was an associate of John Conolly (an early pioneer in psychiatric medicine), and a strong promoter of moral management.

This year’s winner is Laura Marsland (pictured left)

Claire Freeman Prize:

The Claire Freeman Memorial Prize has been donated by her parents Gary and Kate Freeman. Claire died in her first year of her MB ChB at Warwick Medical School and is particularly remembered for her inspirational behaviour and support to friends and fellow students. Her brother Rob attended the awards and spoke of his sister’s genuine desire to help others.

This year's winner is Alex Shields (pictured right with Professor Sudhesh Kumar and Rob Freeman).

Alex Shields with Professor Sudhesh Kumar and Rob Freeman