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Warwick Honorary Reader conquers Everest!

An Honorary Reader at Warwick Medical School has reached the summit of Everest after setting out on a pioneering research expedition just two months ago.

Chris Imray, who is also a vascular surgeon at Coventry’s University Hospital, set out on 17 March to climb the highest mountain in the world in his quest to help prevent strokes. He is one of only 10 members of a 250-strong team of doctors and volunteers selected for the summit team.

He finally reached the summit of Everest in the early hours of this morning (23 May).

During the expedition Chris, who is a leading world expert in preventative stroke medicine, has been using a hand-carried ultrasound system. The ultrasound system is one of the latest techniques which can be used in hospital in the diagnosis of strokes. It uses sound waves which are transmitted through the skull and can assess blood flow within the brain. Using the technique it is possible to test for debris circulating in the blood which can be the cause of certain types of stroke.

By climbing Everest and monitoring the effects of high altitude on members of the expedition, the team hope to increase our understanding of reduced oxygen delivery to the brain, lungs, heart, gut and muscle in critically-ill people.