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New book by Warwick author

book coverProfessor Jill Thistlethwaite, Director of the Institute of Clinical Education (ICE) at Warwick Medical School has co-edited a new reference book.

Interprofessional E-Learning and Collaborative Work: Practices and Technologies has been published by IGI Global.  This unique reference source focuses on how interprofessionalism can be promoted and enhanced at various levels in learners’ educational experiences, particularly with regard to e-learning and reusable learning objects, given the potential to cross boundaries of time, location and academic disciplines.

Overall, it provides relevant theoretical frameworks and the latest case driven research findings to improve understanding of interprofessional possibilities through e-learning at the level of universities, networks and organizations, teams and work groups, information systems and at the level of individuals as actors in the networked environments.

To learn more about Interprofessional E-Learning and Collaborative Work: Practices and Technologies, please visit: .