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Students fund trip to Africa to help fight AIDS

Medical students in GhanaWarwick medical students gave up part of their summer break to educate remote African villages about AIDS and HIV. The five students, now entering their second year at Warwick Medical School, paid around £1,000 each to travel to Africa and work with a Ghanaian non-governmental organisation, Action for Rural Education, in Ghana.

Chris Shaw, Joanna Prentice, Becky Winter, Laura Thomson and Michael McFarlane spent four weeks based in the small town of Twifo Praso. During their time there, they travelled to a number of rural communities to educate on key issues surrounding AIDS and HIV.

One of the group, Joanna Prentice, said the experience had been amazing and the communities had been very open to what they had to say. She said: “People were very friendly and we generally had a good response to what we were doing. There are so many villages that do not have any access to basic sex education, this kind of project is vitally important and I feel privileged to have taken part."