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Students pick up anatomy experience at international medical school

student_pic.jpgStudents from Warwick Medical School were given a unique opportunity to work in the anatomy labs at a medical school in the West Indies for one month.

Twenty of the Phase 1 students were chosen to work at the St George's University School of Medicine in Grenada.

They spent their time learning dissection skills and preparing samples in the anatomy labs for the incoming class of new medical students at St George's.

The students were selected on the results of their anatomical knowledge exam at the end of the musculoskeletal and plastination modules.

One of the students who took part, Harriet Calvert, said the experience had been an incredible opportunity. She said: "My experience of dissecting  was invaluable to me. Being able to discover structures and how they relate to each other in the human body first-hand is a great way to further your knowledge. To be able to do it in such a beautiful country was amazing."

This is the second year the exchange programme has taken place, organised by Professor Peter Abrahams at Warwick Medical School and Professor Marios Loukas at St George's.

Professor Abrahams said he was delighted with the exchange: "These students have made the most of this opportunity and they have really impressed colleagues at St George's. I am very proud of them as representatives of the School, and the University of Warwick as a whole."